Soul Mist


September 13, 2014

Originally from Zadar, Croatia (former Yugoslavia),     Alen P (Alen Paravinja) expressed his interest for mixing and playing music at early teenage years. Due to Yugoslavian turmoil in mid 1990's, he moved to Serbia where he started collecting music of various genres and formats. Soon after, friends asked him if he would play music at a birthday party, an event which marks the beginning of his music career. As a teenager and newcomer, he mostly played small house parties and local bars. Next step was the move to United States in July of 2000, where he still resides in St Petersburg, Florida. Playing music on a more serious note for him happened in 2002, when he picked up a couple of turntables, few records and started mixing. Not too long after, he began playing gigs all around Tampa Bay, developing his style and perfecting the sound.


His career as a DJ slowed down a bit in late 2000's due to responsibilities as a full time graduate student at the University of South Florida (USF) and time consuming commitments at work. However, the music never stopped. Finally, another milestone was reached in 2012, when he completed graduate school at USF and established a career in field of Information Technology. With completed school and steady job, there was more time for music and more frequent gigs. All these events played major role for Alen P as a DJ and a person, prepping him for the next step- music production in the coming years.


While appreciating all of the global music genres, electronic music has been the main part of his music sets. The sound he projects can best be described as a crossover between various sub-genres of electronic music, dominated by deep house, tech-house and techno.

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